[Guilty] Japanese couple in Dubai has been arrested [unexpected reason ...

Political Change in the Middle East Islamic countries

[Guilty] Japanese couple in Dubai has been arrested [unexpected reason ... Indonesia / political party Political parties can participate in the general election, it is necessary to have a national organization. On registered in the Law and Human Rights Ministry as a corporation that meets the requirements stipulated in the political parties law, set up a branch in every state in the political party law of the 0-year revision, set up branches in more than prefecture city of minutes in that state It is required, such as that. In the 00 years general election political parties, political parties participated in the 2000 general election. Than 00 years general election, election participation of local political parties only from the historical background to the Nan Gros Aceh Darussalam province was observed. 0 years participating political parties in the general election, 0 parties seats won, in the last 0 years general election is 0 political participation, political parties won seats. Percentage of votes and the Congress occupancy political party does not exceed the split, multi-party trend is norm.

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